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You have chronic symptoms and/or a full-blown health crisis/ illness for which you'd like to find the underlying triggers? You'd like to find out how to support your own healing capacity?


You don’t currently have symptoms, but would like to optimize your health, prevent chronic conditions and support anti-ageing?

Prevent, optimize, thrive.

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Combining cutting edge technology, then newest research findings and a genuine interest in your individual health journey.


How can I help my eczema?

How can I help my hormonal imbalance other than replacement therapy?

Why do I have such bad PMS and what can I do about it?

How can I naturally support my ADHD?

I want to get rid of acne without using those harsh chemicals and antibiotics.

What kind of exercises should I do and how often to improve weight-loss and anti-ageing?

How can I fuel my body so it can fight off cancer?

I get bloated in the afternoons and have tried every diet to try and stop it. What can I do to finally get back to normal?

How can I heal my gut from chronic digestive issues?



'My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a few years at no luck, when I got introduced to Mirthe. Mirthe took the time to really look into all the different facets of our health, including other niggly symptoms like the acne and mood swings I had been struggling with for so many years and tied them into a bigger picture. I used to often feel so annoyed and angry. After only a few months on the protocol she had suggested for me and my husband, not only did my skin clear up and my mood changed dramatically to the better, but I got pregnant and we now have a beautiful little son. Thank you!'


'I had been on hormone replacement therapy for various symptoms for several years, but really wanted to go off it. However, when I did, the symptoms started to come back. I did my DNA analysis through Mirthe, and only weeks into the tailored diet, herbs and lifestyle program, my symptoms started disappearing. I also started to sleep well again, the few extra pounds I had been wanting to get rid off for a few years just fell off. Now, a few months into the program, my cycles have normalized and all my energy is back. I am looking foward to re-assessing my predictive biomarkers with Mirthe soon too, to see if they have improved also.'


'I had been struggling with IBS for so many years, and tried many diets and approaches, but nothing helped. Every night I was in so much pain, and it really impacted my social life. Within only days of changing to Mirthe's suggestions, it almost miraculously cleared up, and has been gone pretty much since. It only comes back a tiny bit if I'm being naughty and eat too much of the foods that I'm not meant to be eating.'


"Before qualifying to the Worldtour, I struggled with some energy and body image issues. Mirthe helped me change my diet and regain confidence. We had so much fun going to the local shops buying healthy foods, experimenting with it. The Yoga and Meditations we did together helped me center and I still do them all the time now during my travel."

— JOHANNE DEFAY, World Surf League Athlete

'When I got my MRI results in 2016 I was devastated. I went to the best knee surgeons in Switzerland, that all came back with similar prognosis- that my knee cartilage had completely disappeared as a result of my recent biking injury, to the extend that no surgeries on their end could replace the loss. All there was to do was to wait and get a total knee replacement and change my passion from biking, snowboarding and surfing to knitting, but I was only 35! Mirthe put me on a detailed diet and supplement program, and to the surprise of my surgeon, and my big relief, the recent MRI showed that my knee cartilage has started to grow back.'


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