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30 minutes full body workout

Don’t have much time to spare in the morning but don’t want to miss out on a healthy, strong and toned body? This 30 minute workout might be just what you were looking for. Short, burning, and targeting all major muscle groups to leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day. You won’t need any equipment and can do it anywhere!

If you are short in time, only do 1 set each. If you have some more time and want to really go at it, repeat each set of exercises 3x.

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Quick warm-up stair walk or run

Depending on how much time you have, do 5 up to 30 minutes hill or stair walking. It’ll get your heartrate up, warm-up your body, and is by itself one of the best leg-toning exercises you can do!

Elevated lunge

This one will get both of your legs, and all of it! Inner thighs, quads, hamstrings, ankle stabilizers.

Make sure to contract your core while you do it. Start with 5x each side, work up to 15x each

Arabesque (Single leg dead lift)

This one will kick your butt and core into shape. Engage the core, the repeat 10x each side. Slow and controlled.

Side lunges for inner thigh delight

These really get your inner thighs firing. As always, engage your core, then lunge out to the side, sit deep, while keeping your knee in line with your ankle (don’t let it shoot out in front of your toes!). Come back to the middle. Other side. Repeat up to 10x each side.

Sumo Squats

Like a normal squat, this one tones glutes, thighs, hamstrings and calves. However, it adds emphasis to your inner thighs.

To perform, open your stance wider than hip width, and turn your toes out 45°.

Start with 5 repetitions, and work yourself up to 15x.

Butt burn

I love adding this to my daily routine, as it really gets your butt and hamstrings. Try pushing through your heel as you lift the leg, and keep the hips parallel for maximum benefit. It won’t only strengthen and tone your behind, but increase your flexibility at the same time. Double winner. Start with 5x each side, work up to 15x each.

For added burn, hold a standing split at the end for another few breaths.


Planks are the universal favourites for a slim waistline. Mix up your routine by adding side planks for the hour glass shape.

As always, make sure to engage your core, breathe through it, and hold for 10 seconds up to 3 minutes. Take a break when you feel your quality and control deteriorating. Quality is more important than quantity here.

Butt kicks

10x each side.

Single leg bridge raises

Each side 5 – 15 x


Each side 15 – 30 x

Side crunches

Hold each side for 3 slow breaths, then change side. 3x each side

Reverse roll up

Keeping the shoulders and arms relaxed, engage your pelvic floor and lower part of the belly. From that contraction, slowly start lifting your butt off the ground. No weight in the hands. Keeping the control, slowly lower, then go further to lower the legs towards the ground. Only go as far as you can keep your spine straight, and without the belly bulging up. Repeat slow and controlled 5-15x.

Plow Pose

Great pose to calm down your nervous system and stress hormone levels, make sure to press the shoulderblades firmly towards each other and for them to take most strain. Don’t look from side to side while in this pose, to reduce neck injury.

Hip Opening

Slowly release into your hip flexor (iliopsoas). This muscle tends to tighten up from sitting on the desk all day, or sports like biking, core exercises and skiing. With every breath out, sink a little deeper. Hold at least 5 breaths each side.

Revolved Side Angle Pose

Choose either position to suit your body’s flexibility. Breathe deeply into your belly to enhance the gut and hormonal balancing effect.

Prone back extensions

Engage your pelvic floor muscles, draw the belly and rib cage in, then extend the chest and legs. For more of a challenge, lift the legs alternating.

Each side 15x

Another plank

You can’t ever do enough planking. So why not chuck in another one. Hold as long as you can with good form. (as long as you can keep breathing relaxed, keep your shoulders relaxed, belly tucked in, pelvic floor contracted).

Push-up Variation 

I love this push-up variation as it strengthens and tones your upper arms, back and core, while at the same time reducing strain on your usually already tight back muscles. These gentle contractions will improve blood flow between your shoulder blades, reducing knots and neck pain.


Great for opening the hip and chest, while reducing stress and inducing a feeling of grounding. If you have had children, and have a history of instable SI Joint, this exercise might not be the best for you. Be gentle and listen to your body!

Total Body Twist

This body twist opens up your ITB, Glutes, spine and chest while stimulating your digestive system for a strong and healthy gut. Hold eac side for at least 5 breaths.

Yoga Neck Stretch 

Tuck your chin in, drop the ear to your shoulder and hold for a few breaths. Then drop the chin down to your chest, and over to the opposite side. Make sure to keep your chin tugged in all the time to get into the deep neck muscles that tend to get so tight and hold all of our stretch.


Hold still for a few breaths, feel your sitting bones grounding, and lengthened through the crown of the head at the same time.

Have a great day! 

Big thanks to Britta for the beautiful pics.

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It is my goal to empower you to become the CEO of your health trajectory, preventing and optimising with precision and science backed strategies to live your best life & thrive.

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It is my goal to empower you to become the CEO of your health trajectory, preventing and optimising with precision and science backed strategies to live your best life & thrive.

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