The low down on eating farm vs wild caught fish

Been trying to get in more fish to up your anti-inflammatory omega 3s?

What should have been a great choice, and normally recommending wild caught over farmed for added health benefits, might have to be reconsidered..

1 in 4 fish now contains plastics, which acts as a endocrine disruptor in them and is once we ingest it.U

What does that mean to our health?

Plastics mimic the female sex hormone estrogen in our body, leading to something called ‘estrogen dominance’ in men and women, which makes genetically susceptible people more prone to develop cancers, other hormonal imbalance disorders and auto-immunity.

It turns men more ‘female’ and women crankier, moodier and our fat metabolism down.

So, that’s all bad news. How to avoid it?

1. Stop buying plastic stuff that might end up in the ocean. Rather than going for ‘recyclable’ stuff (which can always end up in the oceans too), go for the biodegradable ones.

2. Consume fish that has been farmed organically (I don’t like that it has to be farmed, but you really don’t want the plastics in you!) – as that at least makes sure the fish had no exposure to toxins during its life, and some more space to swim around in (making it a ‘happier’ and healthier , comparable to grass-fed meat).

3. Add in some other omega 3 rich food sources like grass-fed meat, chia seeds, flax seeds & walnuts. Be aware though that some of us have genetic mutations that don’t allow us to convert the plant version of omega 3 into the anti-inflammatory and brain healthy EPA and DHA version, and have to ingest it via the animal version that’s already done the conversion for us.

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