Inner & Outer Beauty

5 Steps to reduce heavy periods, PMS and cramping

functional medicine approach to painful periods, pms and estrogen dominance

One of the most annoying things of being a girl can be the monthly surf of the red wave. Despite the normal surfing being fun, this one really isn’t- at least for a lot of girls and women. Moodiness and emotional outbursts the week leading up to take-off, heavy, painful breasts, and when it finally…

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Summer Surf Beauty Tricks – if you can’t be by the beach

Miani Hawaii Surfergirl Beauty Tricks

Whenever you are by the beach, your skin goes all soft, your hair so beautiful? Your legs turn into the ones of the girls on the WSL? We will reveal a few beauty secrets directly from those girls’ tricks box, for you to take the beach life home. Surfergirls are natural beauties, and because they…

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