"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."

About Mirthe

With an undergraduate (Bachelor) degree in Health (Physiotherapy), Mirthe holds a post-graduate certification in Functional Medicine from Functional Medicine University.

Her own diagnosis of the auto-immune condition Crohn’s from an early age lead her down a road of “trial and error” in many different areas of treatments, including yoga, meditation and dietary interventions. Eventually, always questioning the status quo, she found medical research to relieve her of her disabling symptoms, and only thereafter discovered the new field of Functional Medicine.

After a stint travelling the world looking after the NZ Olympic Team and surfers on the World Surfing League as sports physio, yoga teacher and health coach in her 20ies, since her post-graduate certification in Functional Medicine she has made it her mission to dig deeper and help clients address their issues to live the best possible version of themselves.

Mirthe is now based in London where she works out of Notting Hill, but still spends a lot of time in her old home Verbier in the Swiss mountains to see clients, and further continues to see her international clients worldwide via online consultations.


It is her ultimate goal to help you take back your health and thrive again.

Mirthe Functional Medicine London

Some areas of specialisation include:

Autoimmune conditions
Hormonal Balance & Fertility
Gut Health, including IBD, IBS, SIBO
Anti-ageing and Health Optimisation
Mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD
Epigenetics – analysis of genetic weaknesses and how to bypass/strengthen by diet and lifestyle factors
Musculoskeletal & Sports Injuries (Physiotherapy)


Home visits Notting Hill, Chelsea, Kensington area
@Barrecore, Notting Hill
Mirthe Functional Medicine in Switzerland