How does it work?

1. Initial Consultation

Arrange an in person or facetime video/ skype consultation to talk through your health condition and goals. You will receive a health questionnaire via email to send back prior to the consultation, which I will go through beforehand to reduce time and cost for you. If necessary, we will order in some tests to assess further. You will walk away with diet, herbal and lifestyle suggestions to get started straight away.

2. Discussion of Lab Results

If we decided to go ahead and get some functional lab tests like checking for gut health, hormones, neurotransmitters, low grade inflammation, free radical damage, or other contributing factors for further clarification, we will now discuss the results and refine the treatment plan.

3. Follow-ups

To help implement the new lifestyle and remove roadblocks and questions as they arise, we suggest at least 2 follow up calls within the first month.