Functional Medicine is an integrative health care approach, based on the newest cutting edge research findings in medicine, biochemistry, genetics and technology.

It seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease. Instead of asking ‘What drug matches up with this disease?’, Functional Medicine asks the questions ‘Why do you have this problem in the first place?’ , ‘What can we do to restore function?’, ‘What can we do to optimize health and wellbeing in the long run’, and ‘What can we do to prevent and slow down ageing and age-related conditions?’. It considers the unique interactions in the patient’s history, physiology and lifestyle that can lead to chronic illness and/or faster ageing. The unique genetic makeup is considered, along with factors like hormones, neurotransmitters (‘brain chemicals’ like serotonin), low grade inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxicities, social and emotional state, and genetics.


It can roughly be divided into two main areas:

Support treatment if symptoms/ a condition are already present

Health Optimization, Predictive Biomarker Testing & Anti-Ageing

  • Identification & Treatment of the root underlying imbalances contributing to chronic conditions such as

    Hormonal, autoimmune, neurodegenerative, inflammatory, gut & stress related

  • Cutting-edge testing of

    genetic-predispositions, hormones, low grade inflammation, metabolic function, nutrient status, gut microbiome, heavy metal and environmental toxin load, predictive biomarkers, and more

  • Targeted & individualized Alternative Therapies including diet, neutraceuticals & lifestyle changes


We collaborate with cutting-edge laboratories to assess your body to not only be OK but to be OPTIMAL.

‘Ok’ often times means less than optimal, drifting towards chronic disease. There is a wide range within lab references, often meaning that when your labs seemingly come back 'all ok', they more often than not are already in the 'less than optimal zone', potentially drifting towards a chronic health condition.

I want you to thrive. To stay fit and healthy as long as possible, and enjoy life to the maximum.

We therefore offer a health check-up that will look at certain ‘predictive biomarkers’ for healthy ageing, and places them into a 'stricter' reference range.

Functional Medicine Lab Testing with Mirthe Eckl

Some of the labs run with Functional Medicine

Predictive biomarker testing

Genetic testing for a unique diet & lifestyle approach

Root cause analysis of already presenting condtions

Functional Medicine as Mirthe practises it is for you if

You would like to find and treat the underlying root cause of your chronic health condition and/or symptoms
You are not satisfied with the conventional help you have gotten so far and would like to take your health back into your own hands
You would like to achieve and retain optimal health, wellbeing and mental & physical performance
You are willing to make diet and lifestyle changes to take back your health
You would like to challenge the status quo and not take the diagnosis of degeneration and illness as a final sentence
You believe the body can heal itself if taking away triggers and given the right building blocks and environment

Prevent, optimize, thrive.

For you, with you


Please note that Mirthe is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Practitioner, and not a Medical Doctor. As such, all advise provided is deemed complimentary to your current care, and not to be used instead of your physician's protocol. All health checks will have to be continued to be carried out at your GP, as Mirthe is not qualified to detect and treat serious health conditions, but rather to supplement your GP's advice and support your body's self-healing capacity.

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