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Functional Medicine

You are struggling with symptoms or a full blown chronic health conditions that your doctor said you just have to live with, or that are unexplained?

Precision Health Optimisation with Mirthe in London and Verbier
PRP in London and Notting Hill


Find and address the root underlying triggers

Together, we will look for underlying triggers of your health problems. This can include tests such as food intolerances, gut microbiome/ candida, heavy metals, chronic viral load such as Epstein Barr, mold, hormones and more.

How does it work?



Fill in a health questionnaire and email back along with any test results you may have already had done.


Initial consultation (£250)

We will dive into your health history, concern, goals and needs, and come up with a strategy that is bespoke for you.
Up to 75 minutes



Depending on your goals, concerns and budget, we will decide on specialised testing.


Follow Up Consultation (£150)

Once test results are back, we will book in a follow up call to discuss the results and refine the strategy and protocol.

Up to 35 minutes

Become the cEO of your health

take the guesswork out of your health

Specialty testing

Food Intolerances, Candida, H. pylori, Epstein Barr, Inflammation, Gut Microbiome, Heavy Metals, Hormones and more

Conditions Addressed

Autoimmune, heart/ brain/ mood and hormone conditions, cancers, IBS and IBD and more.

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