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Functional Medicine is a science and lab testing based 360 approach to health optimisation, prevention and anti-ageing. 

Mirthe Eckl

Functional Medicine Practitioner PT, Health Sc (Hons), CFMP

Areas of Focus

Functional medicine

You have a chronic condition such as autoimmune, or gut, hormone, heart/ brain related? Functional Medicine looks for underlying triggers & helps you support and relief symptoms where they are already present.

Precision prevention

You have a family history of 'xyz', are worried about chronic illness or age related decline? Don't worry, I've got your back.
Whether or not you choose to test your genetics, we will look at predictive biomarkers, and create targeted lifestyle choices that are bespoke to you.

Precision optimisation

You are feeling pretty good, but would like to make sure your body really is running at its best, and not creating sludge somewhere? Run some predictive biomarker testing, tweak and thrive.

The power of precision health optimisation
- Take the guesswork out of your health

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Conditions commonly addressed with Functional Medicine

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How does it work?



Send in any labs you had done recently, such as your latest annual, or any specialty testing. Fill in our health questionnaire. Email all prior to the initial consultation for me to review.


Initial strategy consultation

During an initial consultation, we will look at your health history, goals, concerns, labs (where applicable), and come up with a strategy. Most often this includes some more specialised testing. We will also come up with a bespoke diet & lifestyle plan you can get started on right away.
As most of the people I see are already on a range of supplements, we will go through those in detail and decide which make sense to continue, which may be best to stop, and where you could add for best outcome.

Mirthe Eckl

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Mirthe Functional Medicine London


Most often, some more specific testing will be of benefit, such as for food intolerances, gut microbiome, heavy metals, certain vitamin/minerals, fatty acids including omega 3 levels, and more.


Follow-up strategy consultation(s)

Once test results are back, we will schedule another (Zoom) call to go through the results, come up with a protocol and fine tune your strategy accordingly,

Get to the root - Examples of commonly used testing

We will test for underlying triggers, predictive biomarkers and mismatched biology, such as due to

Kind words from some patients

“I had been on hormone replacement therapy for various symptoms for several years, but really wanted to get off it. However, when I did, the symptoms started to come back. I did my DNA health analysis through Mirthe, and only weeks into the tailored diet, herbs and lifestyle program, my symptoms started disappearing. I also started to sleep well again, the few extra pounds I had been wanting to get rid off for a few years just fell off.
Now, a few months into the program, my cycles have completely normalised and all my energy is back. I am looking forward to re-assessing my predictive biomarkers with Mirthe soon, to see if they have improved also.”


“My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a few years at no luck, when I got introduced to Mirthe. Mirthe took the time to really look into all the different facets or our health, including other niggly symptoms like the acne or mood swings I had been struggling with for so many years and tied them into a bigger picture. I used to often feel so annoyed and angry.
After only a few months on the protocol she had suggested for me and my husband, not only did my skin clear up and my mood changed dramatically to the better, but I got pregnant and we now have a beautiful little son. Thank you!”


“I had been struggling with IBS for so many years, and tried many diets and approaches, but nothing helped. Every night I was in so much pain, and it really impacted my social life. Within only days of changing to Mirthe's suggestions, it almost miraculously cleared up, and has been gone pretty much since.
The symptoms only come back a tiny bit if I am being naughty and eat too much of the foods I am am not meant to be eating."


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