Physiotherapy - Manual treatments & exercise therapy for chronic & acute pain conditions and injuries

At The Life Center Notting Hill and

Home visits in Notting Hill, Kensington, Chelsea & surroundings.

Physiotherapy Notting Hill

Support exercise performance and recovery with a Functional Medicine IV drip in London Harley Street and Notting Hill

Chronic & acute pain conditions & Injuries

Chronic neck and back pain - Sciatica -Tennis Elbow - Shoulder Roatator Cuff Injuries - Tension Headaches - Knee Pain, etc

Manual Therapy

Myofascial and trigger point therapy -Muscle energy techniques (osteopathy) & Joint Mobilisations - Dry needling

Exercise Rehabilitation

Re-learn to engage your deep core muscles the right way, to re-program muscle engagement patterns, and how to use tools like a foam roller and massage ball to self-release myofascial tension.

About physiotherapy

Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. It can also help to reduce your risk of injury or illness in the future. It takes a holistic approach that involves the patient directly in their own care.


Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is designed to treat a range of problems, including:


  • Acute and chronic back and neck pain
  • Shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist and foot pains including
  • Tennis elbow
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Runner’s knee
  • Tension headaches
  • Post-natal

Mirthe has more than 10 years experience working and travelling the world with elite athletes such as the Surf World League and the NZ Olympic Ski Team, Sailing Regattas and running bespoke health retreats for VIP patients.


During her Manual Treatment sessions, the majority of the time is spent on manual techniques to free the body from movement blockages, with only the last minutes spent on instructing on home exercises to learn to stabilise and strengthen the affected area, or how to modify movements in your next yoga class.


Some of the techniques used:

  • Muscle Energy Technique (osteopathy inspired)
  • Trigger Point Release
  • Myofascial Release
  • Joint Mobilisations
  • Dry Needling
  • Deep core engagement & stability muscle home-exercise program

Mirthe wrote her Bachelor of Health (Major Sports Physiotherapy, 2011) thesis on how to best train the core for injury prevention and rehabilitation, including the best and most efficient strategies to engage your deep core muscles. 


Mirthe will create a program tailored to your needs, whether you are recovering from a low back injury, pregnancy, or simply looking to prevent and optimise.


This usually includes a combination of:

  • Deep core muscles & injured area stability exercises
  • Self-release with a foam roller and massage ball
  • Targeted stretches and mobility exercises

Kind words from my patients

I have been a professional athlete for more than 10 years now.. My sport is heavy on the body with impressive crashes, heavy training and non stop sports activities Mirthe has been treating me the past 4 years and has done miracles for me; in recovery from injuries, muscle tension release, prevention and overall body balance I highly recommend her skills and knowledge, she is one to be trusted and will help release all types of aches, pains and tensions.. Thank you for all your help, positive energy and hard work Mirthe 🙂 Anne Flore Marxer, Professional snowboarder, Ex- Worldchampion