Precision Health Optimisation & Prevention

Prevent illness & optimise your health with predictive biomarker testing and targeted diet, lifestyle and supplement adjustments.

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Rather than waiting until 'it is too late', get your latest annual lab results (which most often come back as 'just fine' until they aren't any longer!) placed into stricter ranges, identifying what is optimal vs suboptimal.


You will receive a bespoke protocol with targeted diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to get any less than optimal markers back into perfect range.

track & thrive

Re-test a few months after starting on the protocol to see where things may need to be further adjusted. Once everything is 'smooth sailing' a once yearly check up is recommended.

We look at the most important predictive biomarkers for health span extension


Free radical damage

Nutrient levels

Fatty acid profiles including omega 3 index, vitamins, minerals and more


Toxic load and detox capacity

Liver & kidney markers

Blood sugar Control & Cellular rusting

Cardiometabolic profile


Become the CEO of your health & increase your health span - with precision

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