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Precision health optimisation, prevention & anti-ageing

Be proactive about your health with predictive biomarker testing and a diet, lifestyle and supplement protocol that is bespoke to your goals, lab results and needs. 

Precision health optimisation to stay active and thrive into old age
Homocysteine as a predictive biomarker for optimal health
Finger prick test kit for health testing at the comfort of your own home


go for optimal, thrive, & Extent your health span

Do you have a family history of certain conditions? Or would simply like to be proactive about your health and live your best life, for the longest? 

Rather than waiting until you run into trouble, learn how you can make educated choices to upgrade your health, prevent and thrive, tailored to your family history, genetics and latest blood test results. 

How does it work?



Fill in a health questionnaire and email back along with any test results you may have already had done.


Initial consultation (£250)

We will dive into your (family) health history, concerns, goals and needs, and come up with a strategy that is bespoke for you.
Up to 75 minutes



Depending on your goals, concerns and budget, we will decide on more specialised testing where need be, such as genetics, and a generalised blood panel which you can often get at your GP.


Follow Up Consultation (£150)

Once test results are back, we will look at them trough the stricter lense of optimal vs suboptimal for you, and come up with a bespoke diet, lifestyle and supplement protocol for you.

Up to 35 minutes

Become the cEO of your health

take the guesswork out of your health

Specialty testing

Send your latest annual test results, or get us to help you book in for a blood draw locally

Predict, prevent & thrive

Autoimmune, heart/ brain/ mood and hormone conditions, cancers, IBS and IBD and more.

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