DNA Health Analysis of your 23andme or ancestry Data



Got your 23andme results back, but not really sure what to do with them or finding them scary? We’ve got your back.


Don’t only discover your genetic health traits and predispositions, but an in depth Functional Medicine approach on how to bypass and optimise with targeted diet and lifestyle tweaks, unique to YOU.

Explore your specific nutritional requirements, hormones, gut and brain tweaks, and easy actionable day-to-day lifestyle recommendations to perform and feel your best.

Securely upload your raw data file, or connect directly to 23andme to let us access the raw data and genes we need to create your Functional Medicine DNA Health Analysis. Your data is safe with us. To find out more about how we use and guarantee the most safety possible for your data click here.

We only analyse genes that are currently proven to be clinically relevant from a functional medicine perspective, meaning only the ones whose expression you can influence positively by your lifestyle choices. No scary doom and gloom discoveries, only empowering information that puts your health back into your own hands.

Please note that as this is such a new and exciting field of precision healthcare, new discoveries are being made at a rapid speed. As such we update our database conclusions and recommendations  continually to incorporate these cutting-edge research findings.


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