Functional Medicine Initial Consultation


Need help making sense of your health concern from a Functional Medicine perspective? During this one-to-one consultation with Functional Medicine practitioner Mirthe Eckl, you will go through your health history, concerns and goals, and create a targeted diet, lifestyle and nutraceutical protocol to suit your needs.


What is included?

  • A one-on-one consultation via Zoom (online). Optional: Make it in person, in Notting Hill (UK) or Verbier (CH).
  • Prior to the consultation, you will receive a Health Questionnaire to fill in and email back, along with any lab results you may have had done.
  • The consultation will take up to 75 minutes.
  • During the consultation, you will discuss your health history, concerns and goals to get to the root of your symptoms. You will discuss the why’s and how’s, and formulate a personalised diet and lifestyle protocol to target your concerns, and suit your lifestyle.
  • You will further discuss suggestions on lab testing that may be beneficial in your specific case, if you wanted to dig deeper into the root causes, and personalise your protocol further.

Once you’ve booked, Mirthe will be in touch to arrange a time suitable to you.


Medical Disclaimer:

None of the information provided aims to diagnose, treat or replace your normal visits to your GP. The information provided is to be seen as a compliment, in addition to your existing care and regular health check-ups with your health care provider.


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