Not Another Diet – 8 Week Reset


Have you been struggling with that stubborn layer of fat around the midline that won’t budge?

Have you been having hormonal trouble such as PMS, acne, bloating, irritability, hair loss, fibroids, perimenopause chaos?



Join me for a series of presentations where I will explain how to balance your hormones, stress response, reduce inflammation and cellular ageing, while learning how to address common ‘female health concerns’ like 

  • PMS
  • Painful periods
  • Recurring yeast infections and thrush
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids/ cysts
  • Perimenopause chaos

Science backed health optimisation, that will remove triggers for bingeing, hormonal havoc & bloating, rather than another overly restrictive & fad diet and wagon to fall off.

Learn …

… How these common female concerns are linked to hormones, stress, inflammation, chronic infections, nutritional imbalances, blood sugar swings and more. 

… How to make targeted tweaks to your diet & lifestyle, including when and what to eat to support your hormones & metabolism, simple stress management technique, and more

… How to use targeted lab testing to make your healthy living efforts more bespoke to you (such as hormones, food intolerances, inflammation and more)

PLUS Group Q&A sessions to all your pressing questions


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