Not another diet – Gold


Access to the course (all of the ‘Not another diet’ online course, starting may 1st 2024, worth £150)


  • Go VIP with an initial intake consultation to dive deep into your goals, needs and health history. We will decide on testing that is right for you (worth £295).
  • Once the test results are back, we will come up with a personalised strategy to support your health goals (worth £150).
  • Weekly calls throughout the 4 weeks to go through questions on that week’s lecture one-on-one, help you implement the strategy, stay on track, and anything else you might need help with to make this a success for you! (4 calls worth £150 each = £600).
  • This can also include breathwork, core or yogalates sessions and workouts tailored to your needs.

Worth total £1195

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12 tricks to beat the bloat and get rid of that muffin top for good - and why it matters in the long run