Chocolate icecream mousse cake

raw vegan chocolate mousse cake

This raw, vegan treat is perfect for your guiltfree carb-refill sundays.

Filled with anti-oxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and good fats.

The coconut sugar is much higher in nutrients than conventional sugar, especially the raw version (we use Purasana) keeps all its goodness, while having a lower glycemic index (blood sugar response) toย reduce damage to your blood vessels and metabolism.

The good fats of the nuts and avocados will keep you full for long, fuel your brain cells and metabolism.

Nutrigenomic advise: If you have a COMT polymorphism and are feeling slightly stressed out or just having lots on your plate, this might not be the best option for you today, as it uses up more of an already taxed COMT enzyme. Have this on days where you are feeling truly relaxed :). X

Vegan Glutenfree Banana Cake

Vegan and glutenfree buckwheat banana bread

Eat cold for maximum health benefits to your gut bacteria (resistant starch!) – If eaten warm, it will taste just as good but the sugar will feed your fat cells rather than your gut bacteria ;).

Flourfree banana pancake

glutenfree paleo banana pancake

This super easy pancake is the perfect sunday carb refill day treat! It is flour and hence glutenfree, processed sugar free and in line with a paleo lifestyle.

Apple Crumble

healthy apple crumble

Kids and husbands/boyfriends love this crumbly delight. By making it gluten- and processed sugar free, this is the perfect treat for the sunday carb refill day. Enjoy!

Guilt Free Bulletproof Caramel Ice Cream

bulletproof caramel icecream

Delicious guilt-free bulletproof caramel icecream, that will boost your sex hormones, fat burning metabolism and happiness without adding processed sugars into your body!

Raw Creamy Chia Almond Porridge

Raw chia porridge is a healthy, glutenfree and sugarfree paleo breakfast option, that helps lower inflammation, balance hormones and loose weight

Kale and Walnut Pesto Snack

This kale walnut pesto is a great paleo, raw and vegan option for a healthy snack, dip for vegetable sticks, or as a condiment on roasted vegetables or meat.

Sweet Potato Brownies

The Sweet potato brownies from Deliciously Ella are divine. I know it sounds strange to put vegetables into sweet dishes, but sweet potatoes taste more like dessert anyway and they create the gooiest consistency!

Green Smoothie – All or nothing

With this Green smoothie, it is all or nothing. Adding in all the essential nutrients, it will boost your energy levels, immune system and self-healing.

Paleo Pancakes

Breakfast foods do not get more classic than pancakes (ok, so maybe just in the USA). If you eat Paleo, but are missing the old days when you would put away a tall stack of pancakes at breakfast, let this perfect paleo pancake recipe bring you back

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