Cauliflower Risotto makes for a great keto alternative that supports joint, hormone and liver health

Cauliflower Risotto

By mirthe

A vegan, ketogenic granola recipe that fits a Functional Medicine lifestyle for optimal health

Nutty Toasted Granola

By Georgia

Cauliflower rice with tofu mushrooms and greens

Cauliflower Rice with Bok Choy, Tofu & Mushrooms

By mirthe

sweet potato fries as a healthy and nutritious carb refill option

Sweet potato wedges

These sweet potato wedges are a great little extra carb option that the whole family will love. You can eat them hot/ as is, or choose to wait until they have cooled down for an extra health boost.

Sweet potatoes are best eaten cooked and cooled as their starch then turns into 'resistant' starch, feeding the good gut bacteria for a strong gut microbiome, instead of spiking your blood sugar.

By mirthe

hydration is crucial for optimal health

Lemon with peel shot

By mirthe

Chicken wings with sweet potato fries for a healthy carb refill and serotonin boost

Sweet potato fries with chicken wings

By mirthe

vegan tofu scramble

Tofu scramble

By mirthe

bacon and egg cupcakes for a tasty protein kick that your kids will love

Bacon & Egg Cupcakes

Bacon and egg cupcakes for a tasty low carb protein kick that your kids will love. Combine with greens for that extra health hit.

By mirthe

pea pancakes with poached eggs for a glutenfree protein rich breakfast

Poached Eggs on Pea Pancakes

By mirthe

Vegan protein dip with lupin and sundried tomatoes

Mediterranean Lupin Dip with Sundried Tomatoes

This mediterranean inspired dip is a vegan protein-rich yet ketogenic recipe that fits in the Functional Medicine lifestyle. It gives the beloved hummus a break, and with the substitution of lupin beans instead of chickpeas provides you with an extra serving of protein, with little added carbs.

Lupin beans are fairly common in Italian dishes, but should really be one of the staples in the vegan cuisine. 100g of drained lupin beans pack in 9.5g of protein, and only 5.7g of carbs. If you make this a meal with a full glass jar (190g lupin beans), you get 18g of protein (!)  and only 11g of carbs, making this a great meal for your low carb/ keto days.

Lupin beans also nourish your good gut bacteria by providing fiber and prebiotics. However, this also means that if you suffer from IBS or SIBO, you may have to temporarily stay away from this meal option until your gut bacteria are back in balance.

By mirthe