Precision Health Optimisation & Functional Medicine

- TAKE control over your health

Work with me

1) Functional Medicine - Support if symptoms/ a condition are already present

A) Initial Intake (£250)

  • One-on-one consultation in person or online (up to 60 minutes)
  • Discussion of your Health history & concerns, help ordering of specialty labs
  • Bespoke Protocol

B) Follow Up Consultations

  • £150/ 30 minutes
  • Depending on the severity & complexity of your health concern, a 1x/month follow up call may be beneficial initially. 

2) Precision Health Optimisation & Anti-Ageing (£250)

You don't really have a health issue, only 'minor niggles', but would like a health check to see where you can optimise with precision? 

  • Whatsapp/ Email contact to discuss which testing is the most suitable. 
  • Strategy consultation once results are back. 
  • Discuss your results & learn to make sense of them. 
  • Up to 60 minutes, in person, or via zoom/ call
  • Bespoke Protocol: Targeted dietary, lifestyle and supplement adjustments to address your concerns, goals & lab resutls. 

3) Follow Up Personalised Testing with Consultation (£250)

  • Whatsapp/ Email contact to discuss (re-) testing 
  • Consultation (online or in person, up to 60 minutes) & adjustment of the protocol once test results are back. 

VIP Health Make Over (£1250)

This 2 months program is designed to upgrade your health with precision. Along with a deep dive into your health history, goals and concerns, lab testing and resulting individualised health protocol, you will receive access to the VIP Health Concierge service for 2 months to troubleshoot anything that may come up along the way, so you fly through your transformation with ease.

  • Initial Consultation

    Complete health history, goals, concerns, previous labs (if applicable). Decision on which further testing to be done. 

    This generally takes between 60 and 90 minutes. 


    Depending on your health concerns, goals (and budget), we will get further testing done to refine the treatment strategy.

    If you are seeing Mirthe in person she can draw your blood directly. If the consultation is done online, we will organise a suitable option to get your blood taken where you live. 

  • Bespoke Protocol

    Individualised protocol to get you started straight away, while waiting for your test results. This will include targeted dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. 

  • Follow Up Consultation 1 & Protocol

    Once all results are back, we will place them into the stricter Functional Medicine reference ranges for you. Mirthe will spend time reviewing the results and updating your protocol accordingly.

  • Follow Up Consultation 2 & Protocol

    At the end of the 2 months to discuss a maintenance approach (or continuation where needed)

VIP Health Concierge Access

This can include custom help organising testing/ supplements, any Q&As to remove roadblocks right when you encounter the to allow for you to fly through your health transformation with ease. 

Contact with your trainer/ therapist/ chef to tailor all the aspects of life to your new protocol. 

More detailed summaries and help tailored to your needs and preferences.

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