Bespoke yoga, core & mindfulness

Strengthen body and mind through a mix of yoga, clinical pilates and mindfulness.

Mirthe’s background in sports physiotherapy and clinical pilates combined with her 20 yrs + yoga and mindfulness practice, she will tailor each session to your needs and goals, meeting you where you are at that day.ย 

Define your inner strength

Power Yoga & Core Flow with Mirthe in Verbier and London

Yoga Flow

Though Mirthe's signature class is a power yoga + core flow, which will leave you sweating, toned, yet mindful and calm, each class is tailored to your bespoke needs and goals, and best of all, mood of the day. Make it as fast and sweaty or slow, meditative and stretchy as you like.

Clinical pilates and core training with Mirthe

+ Clinical Pilates/ Core Elements

Mirthe wrote her Bachelor of Health (Major Sports Physiotherapy) thesis on how to best train your core for injury prevention and rehabilitation, including the best and most efficient strategies to engage your deep core muscles. She will create a program tailored to your needs, whether you are recovering from a low back injury, pregnancy, want to prevent and optimise, or simply make sure your waist looks good in those skinny jeans.

Mindfulness and Meditation practise with Mirthe in Verbier and London

Mindfulness, Meditation & Breathwork

Reconnect to your inner stillness, calm down your stress response, and learn to switch from fight-or-flight (cortisol!) over to rest-digest-and-heal (vagus nerve). Mirthe was lucky having experienced the 'Mindfulness Guru of the West', Thich Nhat Than, as a child, and went back to train at his Mindfulness Center Plum Village in her adult years.


โ€œPower Yoga Flow class by Mirthe: My perfect morning practise before skiing! Mirthe spreads a nice and steady rhythm to the class, boosting my engagement and bringing fire to my body. She leaves no time to focus on anything else than your body and breathing, what a way to start the week on monday mornings.โ€
Elise Boeuf, professional skier (freeride World tour)

Group class schedule

The Life Centre Notting Hill
Wednesdays at 8.15-9am
Yoga & Pilates Flow Class

privates one-on-one

in person

London / Verbier
£ 100 55 minutes


Zoom / Worldwide
£ 90 55 minutes
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